Fuor d'Acqua

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Fuor d'Acqua - Fish restaurant in Florence Fuor d'Acqua - Fish restaurant in Florence
Fuor d'Acqua - Fish restaurant in Florence Fuor d'Acqua - Fish restaurant in Florence ||||
Fresh fish and indeed many years of well-deserved success, "Fuor d'Acqua", where the owner of the house, Mark Pardini, welcomes numerous and loyal guests, who know what they find here every day, from the market of Viareggio: scampi, lobster, shrimp, demersal and delicacies caught the last afternoon arrive at the restaurant after the first customers were seated, arousing in them a pleasant surprise.

The dishes with raw shellfish, raw fish and assorted vegetables tartare open dancing closely followed by triumphs of squid, octopus, prawns freshly cooked and perhaps accompanied by a vegetable mousse; among the first course, special mention for the trabaccolara viareggina, a plate of pasta long, full of tasty fish flesh, also excellent spaghetti with lobster and arselline or shelled lobster or lobster noodles. For the latter, the choice is between the Catalan out of water (lobster, shrimp and prawns), Catalan lobster, fried to Viareggio, shrimp to the stew, grilled mixed fish and shellfish nostrali made with salt or steamed. All accompanied by a wine list where you can choose from about 250 labels. To "Fuor d'Acqua" will live a special evening for their quality and immersed in look simple, user-friendly and stylish at the same time. Even to this day find themselves familiar faces of characters, actors, directors, singers, fashion designers, businessmen and politicians.

Additional Info

  • Type of kitchen: Pesce
  • Category: Ristorante
  • Average price €.: Da €. 50 a €. 75
  • Opened: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato
  • Address: Via Pisana, 37r
  • Phone number: 055 222299    CHIAMA ORA
  • Mobile phone: +39 0552286370
  • Website: www.pescefuordacqua.it
  • e-mail: pesce@fuordacqua.it


Viale Redi NNN - 50127 Firenze 0551.00.00.000

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