Lungarno 23

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Lungarno 23 - Restaurant in Ponte Vecchio, Florence Lungarno 23 - Restaurant in Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Lungarno 23 - Restaurant in Ponte Vecchio, Florence Lungarno 23 - Restaurant in Ponte Vecchio, Florence ||||
The Lungarno 23 Chianina Hamburghers & Cafe was born in June 2009 in a building of the '500 called "Palazzo Capponi" in the immediate vicinity of the Old Bridge, overlooking the Uffizi, Palazzo della Signoria and the Duomo. The intent and the motivation was to bring to the attention of the general public cuts of Chianina beef from small-scale farmers to IGP.
These cattle farms in the beautiful area of Siena guarantee the highest level of organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. The leads with great dedication and attention to quality, with a manic search for niche products, Emanuele Cipriani, dynamic person and very sensitive to the needs of our customers, which has recently introduced a space vegetarian and vegan always highly qualified, that is getting a big success.
Local specialties are burgers, about gr. 200 cad., prepared in various ways, along with a sandwich crafted with sesame, salad and fresh tomatoes. Great is the taste in pairings and presentations, where in season, we can find the chapels of porcini mushrooms and white truffle.
On Wednesday and Thursday you can enjoy, alternately and in relation to the seasons, the "sushi Chianina", the "boiled Chianina" served in a delicious crock, and the "BOURGUIGNONNE".
At the Lungarno 23 it goes also for salads such as the "Lungarno 23" with green apple, parmesan cheese, bacon, lettuce, toasted sesame seeds and others, which vary in reports to the cool season. The first courses are all with non-industrial or fresh pasta, where stand the noodles, ravioli and not only presented with sauces of Chef Leonardo. Emanuele Cipriani conducts a continuous search of quality products and that it is also evident from meats and cheeses, such as wild boar mortadella, ham DOP, or salame "marinated" in wine, as well as some really pleasant and pecorino di fossa details.
All accompanied by a wine list for about 60 labels ranging between Tuscany, Trentino - Alto Adige, Veneto and Piedmont, Sicily and Campania.
For lovers of craft beers, has recently introduced a beautiful card where you can choose from about 18 beers, all with features, among other things illustrated, different in taste and smell.
A special welcome is also reserved for four-legged friends: the room is equipped with special water bowls and biscuits selected specifically for dogs. Another rare and precious attention that you will find at the Lungarno 23 for the children, well-groomed appearance by Benedetta, wife of Emanuele, as the venue is equipped with a small library for children, a wide assortment of pencils and markers with as many books for drawing and, for new moms, a beautiful changing table with everything you need to care for their children at a very early age. The service is professional, friendly and welcoming.

Additional Info

  • Type of kitchen: Toscana
  • Category: Ristorante
  • Average price €.: Da €. 25 a €. 50
  • Opened: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato, Domenica
  • Address: Lungarno Torrigiani, 23
  • Phone number: 055 234 5957    CHIAMA ORA
  • Website:
  • e-mail:

Viale Redi NNN - 50127 Firenze 0551.00.00.000

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