Sasso di Dante

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Sasso di Dante - Restaurant with a view on the Florence Duomo Sasso di Dante - Restaurant with a view on the Florence Duomo
Sasso di Dante - Restaurant with a view on the Florence Duomo Sasso di Dante - Restaurant with a view on the Florence Duomo ||||||
Il Sasso di Dante is a delightful restaurant situated behind the Cathedral in Piazza delle Pallottole, a truly characteristic square that gives onto a splendid view of the monument.

The square takes its name from a special sort of game of bowls that was permitted here and not in other areas, where explicit notices were put up forbidding the game near religious institutions. The restaurant instead takes its name from a 19th century plaque with the words "Sasso di Dante" (Dante’s stone) inscribed on it. It was set up there to recall the site of a large stone where Dante Alighieri, before he was exiled, used to sit and watch the building work going on for the Cathedral. The restaurant has an attractive outdoor gazebo with wooden tables from which clients can admire the "Sasso", a characteristic view that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Even today many Florentines remember a legend regarding the great poet: one day, while he was sitting on the stone, absorbed in his thoughts, a passing acquaintance asked him point blank: "Oh Dante, what food do you like best?" "Eggs" was the brief reply: Some time later, perhaps a year or maybe even more, the same man was walking past the stone again and found the poet sitting there to enjoy the cool of the evening. Certain of catching the poet off his guard, he asked: "what with?" Dante however calmly replied: "with salt". The owners of the restaurant like to follow the history and the traditions of this place by proposing a study in style and a 100% Doc Tuscan gourmet cuisine with menus starting at € 15,00: Dante style strozzapreti pasta, Mugello style tortelli, Pork sirloin in a crust, Tagliatelle with meat sauce, Tuscan style roast larded pork and Peposo (peppery meat stew) Chianti style ... are just a few of the delicacies that the venue can offer, all of them seasoned with the hospitality and gaiety that only the Tuscans know how to offer.

Additional Info

  • Type of kitchen: Toscana, Mediterranea, Carne, Bistecca
  • Category: Enoteca, Trattoria
  • Average price €.: Fino a €. 25
  • Opened: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato, Domenica
  • Address: Piazza Pallottole, 6r
  • Phone number: 055 282113    CHIAMA ORA
  • Website:
  • e-mail:
  • Outer space: Si
  • Meals: Pranzo, Cena

Viale Redi NNN - 50127 Firenze 0551.00.00.000

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