VETRERIA - Gastronomy Boutique

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The restaurant "Vetreria - Gastronomia Boutique" in via del Proconsolo 32r in Florence, a stone's throw from the Duomo. Research at "VETRERIA - Gastronomia Boutique"

The philosophy of the restaurant "La Vetreria" Gastronomia Boutique "

Research. Want to stand out. The courage of those who, after having created so many projects of undisputed success (to name just one "Fuoco Matto"), continue to mean "something new" even in a restaurant a stone's throw from the Duomo, in the heart of Florence: this is the restaurant "Vetreria - Gastronomia Boutique", in via del Proconsolo 32r in Florence. “Cuisine means respect” - say Carlo Nigro and Salvo Pellegriti, respectively owner and Chef of the restaurant “La Vetreria” Gastronomia Boutique ”. "Respect for Tradition, not only in the dishes, but starting with the quality of the spaces, the service and the way of welcoming and listening to customers". The architecture of the "La Vetreria" restaurant is in fact designed with a view to respecting the value of the places: here you can breathe the elegant and modern atmosphere with dreamy echoes of the previous traditional and rarefied old "Vetreria Migliorini" shop. The project by Spanish designer Susana Garoz wisely interprets the "Genius Loci" creating added value and helping to warm and enrich the dining experience.


The menu of the restaurant "La Vetreria" Gastronomia Boutique "

The menu, signed by chef Salvo Pellegriti, a young talent born in 1994, is a journey to be discovered: starting with the initial proposal "Vetreria Strada" which creatively interprets the pleasures of "Street Food". The pasta is all homemade: gnocchi, spaghetti chitarra, Pappardelle and stuffed pasta (which follows the recipe of the day). The "artisan" experience is completed with desserts. The meats are of the highest quality. The dishes are particular and refined. For example, we mention the smoked mackerel in raspberry sauce, the elegant cod in cooking oil, citrus potato foam with licorice wafer, the gnocchi with pesto foam, almonds flavored with garlic and stracciatella, the interesting reinterpretation of carbonara with crispy bacon, egg mousse and Timut pepper. Among the second courses the choice is really wide among the selection of excellent quality meats selected with great dedication by the chef. In fact, you can try, for example, the Pork Belly and the tasty Squid with lemon and obviously a wide choice of top-quality steaks, from Chianina IGP to Fassona Piemontese up to Tomahawk and much more. It is also possible to enjoy excellent pizzas obtained with great study of the dough and with ingredients ranging from BIO tomatoes, to Burrate, to pistachio creams and the flakes of an excellent PDO Parmesan and vegetarian with seasonal vegetables

The wines of the restaurant "La Vetreria" Gastronomia Boutique "

Wide selection of Italian wines both white and red with particular attention to Tuscan wines, both the most famous but also less known wines with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Additional Info

  • Type of kitchen: Toscana, Carne, Bistecca, Pizza
  • Category: Ristorante
  • Average price €.: Da €. 25 a €. 50
  • Opened: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì, Giovedì, Venerdì, Sabato, Domenica
  • Address: Via del Proconsolo 32r, Firenze
  • Phone number: 39 055 003 0028
  • Website:
  • e-mail:
  • Outer space: No
  • Atmosphere: Romantico, Adatto a Gruppi
  • Meals: Pranzo, Cena

Viale Redi NNN - 50127 Firenze 0551.00.00.000

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